Förster-Technik CalfCloud – VAS Platform

Förster-Technik CalfCloud – VAS Platform At The Heart of Your Dairy

The VAS Platform is now fully synchronized with Förster-Technik’s CalfCloud software, which will give users greater visibility and insight about their animals from birth to milking. Now, through the VAS Platform, users will be able to see updates and analytics on calf milk consumption and growth while also automatically having new calves sent to their Förster system with important animal information.

The platform integration offers four unique Förster-Technik data-driven widgets to track and display the following information:

  • Calf Rearing Characteristics, including calf data such as birth date, projected wean date, parentage, weight, and feeding details
  • Drinking Behavior, which shows the volume of milk consumed per day
  • Drinking Speed, which shows how quickly the milk was consumed
  • Milk Consumption, including details for each individual feeding and how it compares to the calf’s entitlement, or milk allowance

The integration makes overseeing an animal’s transition from calf to cow seamless between the VAS Platform and Förster’s CalfCloud offering.

For more information about VAS, its partners and corresponding integrations, visit their VAS-page.